Chinese Tier 2 and 3 cities need to do a much better job to promote foreign investment

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I have visited China for business repeatedly over the last 15 years. As most would be more than aware, the growth on any econometric variable has been sustained and typically staggering. As someone who studied economic and regional development as an undergrad student the demographics of China is equally of interest and impressive.

The size and scale of cities and metropolitan areas in China is staggering. It has 15 cities with over five million residents and approximately 140 more with over a million residents. It is a market and level of potential consumers that any other country (particularly one like my home country of Australia) can only dream of.

The challenge for these 15 cities with over 5 million people, let alone the 140 with over one million is standing out in a competitive environment. The largest cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen et al) clearly stand out and have defined roles…

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